Our Ingredients

Specially blended ingredients - such as special mixed flour, seasoned baby octopus and vegetables - lend a hearty flavour to our takoyaki. Cooked rapidly over high flame, our takoyaki balls stay crispy at the edges while, on the inside, their texture remains pleasantly sticky, soft and flavourful. A sprinkle of seaweed and fish flakes in Mayonnaise alongside our house special sauce add the finishing touch to our Tako Tao’s takoyaki. Most of the ingredients are imported from the origin country Japan.

Although octopus is the original filling used for preparing takoyaki in Japan, we are the first in the world to use Chuka Idako, or seasoned baby octopus, to conquer the Malaysian tastebuds. That's not all!We were also the first to introduce unagi and and abalone slice flavours. And more choices of fillings such as prawn, chicken and cheese, scallop and smoked duck are introduced by our chefs to the public to suit the Malaysian preference.






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